Elegant IT in the Commonwealth ICT & Telecommunications Forum 2019’

The ‘Commonwealth ICT & Telecommunications Forum 2019’ was held on September 30 – October 02, 2019 at Hotel Inter-Continental, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The event was organized by Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization (CTO) in association with Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) and Bangladesh Government.  The event was designed to address the burning issues of ICT and Telecommunications sector such as broadband planning, impact of net neutrality regulations, data protection regulation, cyber-security, scopes of universal service fund, spectrum management, block chain and global opportunities, role of youth and women in ICT, etc.  

Representing Elegant IT Limited in CTO Forum

Elegant IT Limited has been participated to the panel discussion on leveraging digital infrastructure, ways to extract maximum revenues from dense populations, and, to create jobs in digital economies with limited resources. Elegant stressed that as this is a technological err, we cannot progress leaving any one behind. Government, private sector, international agencies, leaders, expert, women, youth and everyone else, we all need to work together to bring out the best for our country.  The youth and women needs to be actively involved in ICT sector to scale up the GDP.  In the event, Elegant has also presented their project ideas of engaging women and physically challenged people in the ICT sector and received sincere support, appreciation and promises to implement it not only to Bangladesh but also in other developing countries.

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