JoomShaper: An Inspiration for Startups in Bangladesh


Have you ever heard of Joomla? It is an open source Content Management Software (CMS) platform. If you want to develop a site in Joomla, JoomShaper is the name that comes first to our lips . For responsive template and extension artistry in Joomla, JoomShaper is truly an ideal go-to. It has become one of the top 4 Joomla based companies in the world.


JoomShaper is representing Bangladesh in all fronts of web development sector. It has created a happy clientele by delivering world class products and unparalleled support. We want to commend JoomShaper because it is a great feat achieved by a Bangladeshi company. In addition, JoomShaper has become a top contributor of Joomla; patronizing global conferences and summits of Joomla community.




JoomShaper has many accolades under its belt. The SP Page Builder is one of its crowning jewels. Page Builder is an epoch-making break through. You can literally build a strong web page in a flash with page builder. Whether you are a beginner or professional, Page Builder provides you with a never before drag and drop experience.  Another, framework JoomShaper has introduced is Helix. It is the #1 Joomla template framework packed with tons of features and functionalities.


Last but not least, themehunt and themeum are 2 premium marketplaces for web templates, plugins and extensions. Themehunt is an exclusive marketplace for BootStrap templates and themes founded by JoomShaper. It is a great source of BootStrap products and freelancers of our country are highly benefitted from using this marketplace. As a matter of fact, JoomShaper is among the pioneer private companies that work in an open source business model. It is truly remarkable for a Bangladeshi company to penetrate the open source market. It has literally become a symbol of pride for Bangladesh. JoomShaper has proven by showing the world that we can also be creative and brilliant.


Themeum is another premium WordPress themes and plugins marketplace. JoomShaper has shown exceptional work in custom development for WordPress. These two market places are contributing a great deal in the web development sector of not only just our country but also the whole world. Freelancers of our country as well as all over the world can sell their creations in these marketplaces. Moreover, our country is also earning foreign exchanges via these marketplaces.


JoomShaper is nothing short of an inspiration for startups in Bangladesh. Their success story can be an ideal source of motivation for young entrepreneurs. The CEO of JoomShaper along with his management team is an energetic bunch of talented youths who are driving this company towards newer frontiers and bright future. The JoomShaper CEO started from a humble beginning and has reached this stage by his passion, hard work and dedication. JoomShaper has created a lot of employment opportunities in our country. They have created such a convenient workplace culture that young graduates and freshers dream of working for JoomShaper.


Elegant Technology Limited’s very own front-end framework, Offra: The first Asian Front-end Open Source Framework. Offra has used the Icofont library which is developed by JoomShaper. It is absolutely open source and we have successfully integrated it in our Offra project. So we would like to thank JoomShaper for contributing to our project.


Thank you, JoomShaper.

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