Why do Startups Fail? Early Symptoms and Countermeasures

  Introduction   Startup companies have seen both sides of the coin in the turning of this decade. We have seen energetic and innovative startups come and go in the market. While some startups learned from the mistakes of their […]

Emerging Techs

Emerging Technologies: Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence

  From Blockchain to Artificial Intelligence (AI)   Blockchain in Healthcare   Blockchain can and will play a major role within healthcare. A lot of tech startups and market giants are diverting their focus to enter the healthcare domain. Tech […]

Hybrid Cloud-A Cloud Computing Environment

Hybrid Cloud: A Cloud Computing Environment

  Hybrid Cloud Will Change The IT landscape   Today we offer a handful of predictions that will revolutionize the information technology domain. One of these wonders will be Hybrid Cloud that vows to offer impeccable cloud computing experience. It […]