Big Data in Business-Analysis

Big Data in Business: A much Bigger Impact

If you are still bragging about Big Data not affecting your business, you have missed the train! It does not matter which field you operate in or the size of your business; as data collection, analysis, and interpretation become more […]

Elegant IT: Your Digital Solutions Partner- Services

Elegant IT: Your Digital Solutions Partner

Elegant IT: Your Digital Solutions Partner is a proud digital solutions company. When we talk about technology and innovation, we get really excited by the idea of solving the problem through our digital solutions. We really get ourselves going by […]

Big Data Know-How-how big is big data

Big Data Project Know-How: How big is Big Data?

  Big Data Project is a term that elaborates the large volume of both structured and unstructured data that overwhelms a business on a day-to-day basis. But it’s not really about the amount of data rather it’s what organizations do […]


Data Protection Prospect of Bangladesh: Why it is Necessary?

  Introduction   In the global information economy, personal data have become the fuel driving much of the current online activity. Every day, vast amounts of information are transmitted, stored and collected across the globe enabled by massive improvements in […]


Cloud Computing Explained: Understanding with Real-life Examples

  Cloud Computing has been a revelation of 2018 yet the concept is not fairly new. In fact, we all have been interacting with the so called “cloud” whether knowingly or unknowingly. In this article, we will learn the fundamentals […]